Where Can We Use HULK 233, the All-in-one Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System, and Why Do We Need It

2023-06-09 09:15
Large-scale industrial or commercial operations require energy storage due to large consumption of energy. Large proportion of electricity bill can be saved by charging the energy storage system during the low grid period at night and discharging during the peak hours of electricity consumption. It helps organizations to decrease their carbon footprint by consuming more green energy. It can serve as the most reliable and efficient backup power during emergencies.

Energy storage is indispensable when building micro-grid for remote or off-grid locations including island, desert, mountain, etc. The various availability of renewable energy require energy storage system to transfer power in both time and space dimensions.

The demand for public charging stations is rising due to the growing permeability of EV cars. Solar carport with energy storage is the perfect solution. It support PV generation for local use as well as dynamic transformer expansion. It also largely reduces dependence on the grid.

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