The Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony Between Kale Group and BatteroTech was A Complete Auccess!

2023-10-10 13:37
At 10 a.m. on October 10, Kale Group and BatteroTech officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Kale Technology Industrial Park.

Lu Xiaobo, chairman of Kale Group, Zhang Dengji, general manager of ANPL, Hu Xiaodong, chairman of Eternal Tsingshan Group and Zhang Wutang, chairman of BatteroTech, attended the signing ceremony and had in-depth exchanges with representatives from both parties. Chairman Lu fully affirmed BatteroTechs industry position and technological leadership in the field of energy storage batteries, and expressed his expectation for the organic integration of high-quality resources from both parties to achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.

Lu Xiaobo, Chairman of Kale Group delivered a speech

As the energy storageindustrybecomes more and more popular, the sustainable development of enterprises cannot be separated from the collaboration and mutual assistance of upstream, midstream and downstream industry chain partners. The successful conclusion of this strategic cooperation agreement is a strong complementarity between the two parties in terms of professional capabilities, market resources, etc., and it is also originating from the same frequency resonance with the concept of "open cooperation, collaboration and win-win".

Zhang Dengji, General Manager of ANPL(first from left)

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhang Wutang (first from right), Chairman of BatteroTech

Kale Groupwill fully deploy its industrial and commercial energy storage business in 2022, focusing on channel development and operation services for industrial and commercial energy storage. It will also establish ANPLwith lithium battery energy storage system integration and application technology as its core. Provide customers with energy storage systems and overall solutions. At the meeting, Chairman Lu said, "Kale's development concept of 'creating a beautiful environment with technology' coincides with BatteroTech's corporate culture of 'technology for good, green waters and green mountains'. BatteroTechproduct concept of "multiple, fast, stable and good" is also very consistent with Kale's craftsmanship spirit of "keep improving" product quality." This laid the foundation for successful cooperation between the two parties.


Over the years, Kale has accumulated abundant industrial and commercial user resources, and now it has entered the energy storage field. It has also relied on the four-power model of "channel power, service power, brand power, and product power" to deeply explore the industry and gain high trust from users. The development history of Kale has something in common with BatteroTech. Hu Xiaodong, chairman of Eternal Tsingshan Groupsaid that the innovative, dedicated and pragmatic spirit of the Kale team is impressive, and he believes in the unique competitiveness of Kalein the industrial and commercial channels. The advantages, coupled with BatteroTech’s mature battery research and development technology and rich application experience, will help each other become industry leaders.

Hu Xiaodong, Chairman of Eternal Tsingshan Group delivered a speech

After the ceremony, relevant leaders visited the exhibition hall and production workshop of KalePower. Chairman Lu introduced the development history of KalePowerand the strategic layout of HVLS industrial fans and industrial and commercial energy storage business segments, and demonstrated that ANPLwill take the lead in the industry in 2022. For the fully liquid-coolingindustrial and commercial energy storage all-in-one machine launched, Zhang Wutang, chairman of BatteroTech, highly affirmed and commented positively on Kale’s energy storage products and expressed more confidence in in-depth cooperation in the future.

The successful signing of this strategic agreement marks the joint pursuit of the value goals of the two parties. In the future, the two parties will also build a broader development space and path, jointly carry out research and long-term attention in the field of energy storage, and provide domestic and foreign industrial and commercial energy storage services. Provide customers with high-quality services.