SNEC ES Exhibition On-site | New Product Launch of Industrial and Commercial ESS Qiji 260

2023-11-02 14:27
On the morning of November 1, ANPL held a grand industrial and commercial energy storage systemQiji 260 new product launch conference titled "Now, the Intelligent Storage, Qiji Reappears", and launched a new generation of Qiji series industrial and commercial energy storage systems at the "SNEC ES" exhibition site.


Qiji 260 uses a 314Ah high-density battery cell with ultra-long cycle times, and achieves an ultra-large capacity of 260kWh in an ultra-small footprint of 0.96*1.35㎡. Compared with the previous generation Qiji 233, the area energy density is increased by 50%, and the weight energy is increased by 16%, and the 2A BMS proactive balancing function is used to extend the overall service life of the system. Qiji 260 has made a breakthrough by applying a variety of cutting-edge technologies in the field of container energy storage or new energy vehicles to the field of industrial and commercial energy storage, achieving safe, smart, and efficient three-dimensional redundancy to ensure product performance is excellent and lasts forever.

The SNEC Eexhibition is the most professional, international and large-scale energy storage conference and exhibition in the country in the second half of the year, focusing on the energy storage technology and materials, energy storage equipment and components related to ANPL's business. Energy-saving and comprehensive energy service equipment, smart energy construction and supporting equipment, etc., attracted nearly a hundred exhibitors and tens of thousands of industry insiders to visit.


ANPLs booth became the highlight of the exhibition due to the launch of Qiji 260. The atmosphere at the press conference was hot and the audience gathered. Invited dealer partners, professional media, industry celebrities and on-site audiences gathered at ANPL's booth to witness the event together. The release of Qiji 260. The release mode of vivid explanations + prize-winning Q&A made the four advantages of Qiji 260 deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; the exciting interactive games made the press conference both professional and entertaining. After the press conference, guests entered the booth one after another to communicate with the staff, showing great enthusiasm for the new products.


The successful holding of this product upgrade conference not only injected new impetus into ANPL's own high-quality development, but also marked a new technological chapter in the industrial and commercial energy storage field. In the future, ANPL will stick to its original aspirations, use the power of nature to empower a green future for industry and commerce, and support the "carbon neutral" development strategy with technological innovation.