100kW200kWh Industrial Energy Storage System

100kW200kWh Industrial Energy Storage System


The HULK200 is an "all-in-one" energy storage system, which includes a battery box (1P224S), BMS, EMS, air-cooled thermal control system, fire protection system, and PCS. It is suitable for industrial, commercial, and other distributed energy storage scenarios. It supports both grid-connected and off-grid operation modes.

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1、Safe and Reliable
●CATL battery cell
●High IP protection rating
●Pack level short-circuit protection
●Innovative air duct design
●4 level of safety protection
2、Intelligent Control
●Optimized operation strategy by EMS
●OTA maintenance and monitoring
●Unmanned operation
3、Flexible Configuration
●Standardized interface for flexible access
●Plug and play modular design
●Expandable to MWh
●Integrated transportation
●On-grid (Off-grid optional)
4、Economical and Efficient
●Efficient thermal management design
●High-performance batteries and PCS
●Replaceable pack for easy O&M
●Longer battery life cycle
Internal Construction

4 Level of Safety Protection
  • Cell safety
    ●CATL LFP cell
    ●Strict incoming inspection
    ●Thermal insulation pad between each cell (aerogel)CATL LFP cell
  • Pack safety
    ●IP67 protection rating
    ●Pack-level short circuit protection (fuse)
    ●Pack-level fire suppression module
  • Pack safety
    ●IP54 protection rating
    ●Explosion-proof fans for the entire cabinet
    ●System-level fire suppression module
  • Cloud monitoring
    ●Real-time data for each cell
    ●Remote monitoring and predictive diagnosis of SOH
Scene Application
  • Off Grid Island
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Parks
  • Solar Storage ChargingIntegration System
  • Distribution Grid Expansion

Product Type


DC Parameters

Battery Type
Battery Rated Capacity
Battery System Configuration
Battery Rated Capacity [kWh]
Rated Voltage [V]
Voltage Range [V]
Max Charge / Discharge Capacity [kWh]
Life Cycle

Lithium-ion battery (CATL)
3.2V / 280Ah
627.2 ~ 806.4
180 (DOD90%)
≥5200 (EOL>80%, 25℃)

AC Parameters

Grid Voltage Range [V]
Grid Frequency Range [Hz]
AC Mode
Isolation Mode
Rated Charge / Discharge Power
Operating Mode

AC400 (-15%~+10%)
50 / 60 (±2.5)
3-Phase 3-Wire (3P3W)
No isolation connected to the grid
100kW / AC
On-grid / off-grid (optional isolation transformer)

System Parameter

Rated Charging and Discharging Rate
System Efficiency
Wiring Method
Anti-Corrosion Grade
Operating Temperature Range [℃]
Relative Humidity Range
Cooling Method
Protection Rating
Noise [dB]
Operating Altitude [m]
Weight  [kg]
Dimension [W*D*H] [mm]
Communication Protocols

Bottom in and bottom out
-20 ~ +55
0 ~ 95% RH, no condensation
Air cooling
IP55 (battery room), IP54 (system)
≤70 (1m)
2000 (>2000 derating)
1550*1350*2250 (1550*1600*2250, including AC)
ModBusTCP / RS485 / CAN


IEC62619 / IEC63056 / IEC61000 / IEC62477 / UN38.3 / EN50549 / VDE4105