Report from the Battery Japan!

2023-09-15 09:29
On September 13, the 20th Japan's "World Smart Energy Week" kicked off at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. ANPL made a grand appearance at Battery Japan with its new energy storage products.

Under the imperative trend of the international community to implement dual carbon goals, Japan's "World Smart Energy Week", as Japan's largest comprehensive renewable energy exhibition in the second half of the year, attracted more than 500 exhibitors and 45,000 visitors to gather here. Explore new energy technologies and the future.

The exhibition covers multiple fields such as batteries, wind energy, photovoltaics, smart grids, hydrogen energy and fuel cells. It gathers upstream and downstream enterprises in the entire chain of material research and development, integration technology, inspection and analysis, equipment supply and other related to energy storage batteries, and accurately radiates to Kanto, Japan. region, it is one of the world's largest business platforms focusing on secondary battery manufacturing and research and development.

Energy storage batteries closely follow the pain points of the Japanese market

ANPLcarries a full range of energy storage products this time, displaying UPS backup energybattery cabinet and batteryboxes, 5G communication base station battery pack, Qiji 233 industrial and commercial energy storage systems, residential modular energy storage systems and other products, covering commercial buildings, datacenters, communication base stations, PV storage & EV charging stations, homes and other user-side full-scenario energy storage solutions, it comprehensively demonstrates ANPLsleading strength in the field of user-side energy storage solutions.


Due to Japan's special geographical environment, frequent earthquakes and tsunamis, local companies often face the risk of power shortages and blackouts. At the same time, electricity bills remain high and the cost of electricity is extremely high. The energy storage and UPS solutions brought by ANPLclosely follow the market pain points. On the one hand, they can save electricity bills through peak and valley arbitrage. On the other hand, they can supply stable power and enhance enterprises' energy rights. Therefore, they have received a lot of attention.


UPS's breakthrough technology highlights attract attention

The exhibition was crowded with people. Among them, ANPL's UPS solution became the highlight of the exhibition due to its unique features of high-rate discharge and efficientproactive balancing, attracting many customers to stop and communicate and inquire.


Highlight 1: The discharge rate can reach 5C

The higher the discharge rate of UPS, the greater the technical difficulty. The discharge rate of the 5C used by ANPLis higher than the average level in the industry, which is sufficient for use in special scenarios. It can be fully discharged in 12 minutes without the need for extra batteries.

Highlight 2: BMS proactive balancingreaches 2A

Battery balancing technology can ensure the consistency of battery cells and prevent varying degrees of battery core degradation from affecting the service life of the system. ANPL's self-developed BMS proactivebalancing technology has a balancing current of up to 2A. ANPLhas made a breakthrough in applying higher balancing current to the UPS field, improving the balancing efficiency.

Empowering industrial green development with technology

On the journey of internationalization, Enruizhe has relied on its ten-year industrial equipment manufacturing gene, adhering to its consistent values of empowering industrial green development with science and technology, constantly exploring cutting-edge energy storage technologies, constantly improving the application scenarios of new power systems, and striving to become China's The brand is a leader in developing the international energy storage market.