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Necessity of Efficient Thermal Control for ESS

2023-08-08 15:55

When you suffer from the heat of the midsummer, your energy storage systems are also facing severe challenge ofheat dissipation! In a hot weather without effective thermal control, even if serious safety accidenthave not been happened luckily, it is likely that permanent damage have already been occurred quietly inside the energy storage system.

The accuracy of thermal control has a great impact on the efficiency and life span of lithium batteries. The most suitable long-term operating temperature of lithium batteries is:20-30°C. Studies have shown that when the temperature reach 40°C, the aging speed of the battery, the charge and discharge ratio and other indicators may have undergone irreversible changes.

Air cooling designs, which are common in the market, can only cool the system down to 40-50℃ due to technology issue. People still choose to purchase air cooling ESS only because they are cheaper in the beginning and the efficiency difference is not quite obvious in the first 3 years. However, as a product with a long ROI period, the safety and service life of ESS are important factors for the profitability of the project.

Liquid cooling offers great advantages in terms of heat dissipation efficiency, energy consumption, service life and long-term profit.ANPL provides ESS products with self-developed liquid cooling system which guarantee the long-term efficient of the system.
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