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Korean Clients Visit ANPL and Seek a New Chapter in Cooperation

2023-05-31 11:16

May 22nd, a group of Korean battery expectsvisited ANPLand conducted cooperation negotiations. Mr. Dengji Zhang, General Manager of ANPLand Mr. Tongkuai Li, Deputy General Manager of ANPLwarmly welcomed the arrival of Korean expectsand arranged for meticulous reception work.


The Korea clients first came to visit the ANPL products show roomand deeper understandthe company's development history, business model, corporate culture, corporate vision, and project show case. The battery packs, BMS,EMSand battery system models placed in the show roomaroused strong interest from the clients and they inquired in detail about our development process from air cooling system to liquid cooling system.


Subsequently, the Korean battery expectsvisited the ANPLenergy storage manufacture baseand the factory's technical leaderexplained the entire production process. Korean clients have gained a detailed understanding of the standardized production process in various stages, the rigor of the production process and the professional level of technicisthave been highly praised by clients.


Finally, both parties had a hotdiscussion on the performance characteristics and application scope of ANPL's ESS products. The company leaders and relevant staff have provided detailed answers to the various needs raised by customers. ANPL's energy storage product technology isperfect to meet different demand ofcustomers



Korean clients are very optimistic about the development prospects of ANPL and willing to achieve long-term cooperation in the future.Korean energy storage market has been developing for a long time and has high requirements for product quality. ANPL will embrace these opportunity and challenge, and is determined to explore and expand the Korean market!

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