Exclusive Interview | "We are constantly moving forward." - Steven Zhang, the General Manager of ANPL

2023-11-16 16:40

Liquid cooling, one of the mainstream thermal management technology routes commonly used in the energy storage industry, has been widely used this year and has become a standard feature for many companies to launch new products.

However, what many people don't know is that ANPL is also one of the first companies in China to try liquid cooling technology. In April this year, when ANPL's first industrial and commercial liquid-cooling energy storage project was successfully connected to the grid and delivered, many companies were still watching and had not officially entered the game.

Now, when liquid cooling has become "common", ANPL has anchored on a higher-end technical route and a more complete service model. As general manager Steven Zhang said: "We are constantly moving forward."

01 "When Talk About ANPL"

It can be said that ANPL, which was officially established on June 1, 2022, is a start-up enterprise that is both typical and atypical.

Like most energy storage companies, from a time perspective, ANPL is indeed still in the start-up stage; but from a background perspective, as a subsidiary of Kale Group, ANPL has undertaken, in addition to a reliable listing, the company's endorsement is coupled with the resources it has left behind in the industrial and commercial field for more than ten years: tens of thousands of industrial and commercial customer groups and a professional after-sales delivery team composed of more than a hundred people.

And ANPL itself lived up to expectations. In less than two years, it established an electro-chemical energy storage and power electronics R&D center composed of senior industry experts with more than ten years of experience, and continuously iterated products and technologies based on market feedback; it built a complete system integration product line, successfully connected to the grid and delivered a large number of industrial and commercial user-side energy storage cases.


Qiji 233 project case

02 New product launch

From November 1 to November 3, 2023, the SNEC ES+ 2023 8th International Energy Storage Technology and Equipment and Applications (Shanghai) Exhibition was bustling with people and excitement.

At the E2-360 booth of the venue, the new product launch conference of the industrial and commercial energy storage product Qiji 260 was officially launched. The title of "Smart Storage for the Present·The Reappearance of Qiji" silently reveals ANPL's ambition to lead the development of industrial and commercial energy storage: this is not only a rhetorical interest brought by the homophony of "Qiji" and "miracle", but also It is a kind of determination that "a leap forward can reach a thousand miles".

Steven Zhang, GM of ANPL

For the new generation of Qiji series industrial and commercial energy storage system - Qiji 260, this day is its first appearance in front of the public.

Compared with the previous generation Qiji 233, the Qiji 260 uses a 314Ah high-density battery cell with an ultra-long cycle, achieving an ultra-large capacity of 260kWh in an ultra-small footprint of 0.96*1.35㎡, and increasing the area energy density by 50%. The weight energy density has increased by 16%, which greatly saves space requirements and reduces the difficulty of installation, operation and maintenance.

In terms of AC side power, Qiji 260 has completed a jump from 110kW to 137kW. This technical advantage is extremely critical for realizing two charges and two discharges in peak and valley arbitrage, because a sufficiently large and stable throughput can guarantee the return on investment.

Although this is a huge performance improvement, ANPL said that it is not enough.

"Currently, the application of 2A proactive balancing current may be used more in the field of large storage. Due to the difficulty and cost of development, it is almost invisible on the industrial and commercial side." Steven Zhang joked, "Although it cannot be like Huawei It’s said to be ‘way ahead’, but it’s absolutely understandable to say it’s the first!” 

The application of 2A proactive balancing current, as the most unique design that distinguishes Qiji 260 from other competing products on the market, can achieve real-time monitoring and control, maintain the battery core in a highly consistent state, and avoid system failures to the greatest extent. loss and energy waste, extend the overall life of the energy storage system, and fully protect customers' investment returns.

Based on the barrel principle of the operation of the energy storage system, once one battery cell is emptied, the discharging process ends for the entire system. No matter how many cells are not emptied, the system will choose to recharge. The loss of capacity and the reduction of investment income are not decimals.

Regarding the importance of proactive balancing, Steven Zhang explained: "Now is the first year of industry and commerce, and many problems have not been exposed. However, as a 'long-term' manufacturer, we have seen the problems in the next two or three years. When battery cells attenuation leads to poor consistency. If there is no proactive balancing technology, the security, throughput, service life and investment returns of the entire system will become worse and worse, so we must do it even if we spend a lot of cost and time."

All in all, as far as the Qiji 260 is concerned, ANPL has made breakthrough applications of cutting-edge technologies in the field of container energy storage and new energy vehicles in the field of industrial and commercial energy storage, in order to achieve safe, smart and efficient three-dimensional redundancy. Fully guarantee that the product performance is excellent and lasts for a long time.

04 All-round, "Four Strengths" model

If the "taking the lead" mentioned above is the advantage that ANPL is proud of, then "comprehensive" is the embodiment of ANPL's long-term vision.

During the dialogue, Steven Zhang frequently emphasized that in the industrial and commercial energy storage industry, what everyone is competing for is still long-term comprehensive strength. For ANPL, as a rare enterprise in the industry that integrates "research, production, sales, investment and operation", the ability of deep integration is one of its competitive advantages.

If we had to choose one more word to guide ANPL's comprehensive strength, it would be: the "four strengths" model, which means product strength, service strength, brand strength, and channel strength.

a. Product Strength

In April 2023, ANPL was selected into the second batch of small and medium-sized technology enterprises in Shanghai in 2023, which marked a positive footnote for ANPL's independent research and development path.

At the same time, ANPL is also applying for high-tech enterprises and software enterprises and dozens of software copyrights, utility model patents, invention patents, etc., keeping its feet on the ground and moving forward firmly on the road of independent research and development.

"Industrial and commercial energy storage is not a simple, patchwork assembly machine. It involves many core technologies. These underlying architectures were developed by ANPL itself." Steven Zhang believes that only by mastering the underlying core technologies can we achieve better results. Iteratively upgrade products and better serve customers.

b. Service strength

Service strength, as one of the important "assessment" standards in the industrial and commercial energy storage market, is the advantage of ANPL.

On the one hand, ANPL has its own professional and complete pre-sales and after-sales delivery team. At the same time, its self-developed cloud platform has complete functions and friendly interactions, and can realize automated and intelligent operation and maintenance with the help of high technologies such as AI big data.

On the other hand, as mentioned at the beginning, relying on Kale Group's deep involvement in the industrial and commercial fields, ANPL can enjoy well-trained, professional and mature installation after-sales service teams located in major cities across the country.

c. Brand Strength

As the saying goes, the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the alley. The newly established ANPL is also well aware of the necessity of publicity and brand power. The large-screen advertisements placed in 21 high-speed rail stations in 4 provinces are the best proof. "We cooperate with many industry media platforms and actively participate in domestic and foreign offline exhibitions. We received a lot of recognition and support at the exhibitions." Zhang Denji said sincerely, "I hope that in the future we can develop to the point where everyone can mention industrial and commercial energy storage and they will think of ANPL."

On the one hand, a lot of efforts have been made in promoting "new customers"; on the other hand, the evaluation of "old customers" is also crucial to building brand power.

As one of the investment and operation partners of ANPLKale Group has accumulated tens of thousands of industrial and commercial users over the past decade and built a huge industrial and commercial user system. These friendly relationship networks are based on customers, investors,channel dealers or other multiple identities have strongly empowered ANPL's exposure and development.

d. Channel Strength

On the basis of consolidating product strength, service strength, and brand strength, and enabling partners to receive more empowerment and support, the formation of channel strength is almost inevitable.

At the same time, benefiting dealer partners is also the philosophy that ANPL has always adhered to. Steven Zhang said that the development of industrial and commercial energy storage and the construction of new power systems require the joint efforts of many parties, and only cooperation can achieve win-win results.


Now, general manager Steven Zhang's hope for ANPL is to truly stand from the market's perspective and provide customers with energy storage products that can operate stably for a long time, allowing investors to obtain stable income with less worry and effort, and provide more industrial and commercial customers with energy storage products. Green transformation reduces fees and increases efficiency.