ANPL’s Two Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Stations were successfully connected to the grid!

2023-11-28 14:47

Changzhou, one of the important birthplaces of the “Southern Jiangsu Model”

With profound industrial manufacturing background

Advanced scientific and technological strength

The advantages of the increasingly perfect new energy industry chain

Changzhou is moving towards the direction of becoming a “New Energy City”

Adapt measures to local conditions and share benefits

Changzhou Wuwang Motor 300kW/699kWh energy storage power station

Wuwang Motor located in Changzhou Changjiang Economic Development Zone

Annual electricity consumption exceeds one million

Incurring huge electricity bills

And the production load is easy to exceed the capacity during peak hours.

Jiangsu’s favorable electricity tariff policy

Can realize two charging and two discharge

Use valley periods at night and flat periods at noon to charge

The average peak-trough price difference reaches 0.7 yuan

After installing 3 units of ANPL Qiji 233 energy storage systems

The available electricity during peak hours exceeds 350,000 kWh per year

Alleviating enterprise load pressure during peak hours

Emergency power backup services can also be provided

This project adopts the EMC energy management cooperation model

Users with 0 investments can also share the profits

Effectively reduce corporate electricity bills

Changzhou Guangyu Rubber and Plastic 100kW/233kWh energy storage power station

Factory uses unused roofs

Equipped with 1.2MW photovoltaic

However, the peak frequency of photovoltaic power generation and peak electricity consumption are different.

Electricity bills remain high

After installing one ANPL Qiji 233 energy storage system

Not only can it increase the proportion of photovoltaic consumption

Reduce factory carbon footprint

You can also make substantial profits from peak and valley arbitrage

Whether it is peak and valley arbitrage, capacity expansion or green electricity consumption, industrial and commercial energy storage brings safer, more stable, cheaper and more environmentally friendly power energy to enterprises in all dimensions. ANPL will continue to help high-energy-consuming enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, continuously improve product performance, and provide "energy storage samples" for the smart energy transformation of Changzhou industrial enterprises.