ANPL’s Two Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Stations in Zhejiang were successfully connected to the grid!

2023-12-15 16:20
On December 7, Huzhou CaidiIndustrial 200kWh/466kWh energy storage power station and Haining Hexie Technology 200kWh/466kWh energy storage power station (hereinafter referred to as the "projects") were successfully connected to the grid. The projects’equipment was supplied by ANPL and Kale Power investment and construction, and will be responsible for its later operations and management.

The projects are both located in Zhejiang province. They use idle land in the factory area to build industrial and commercial energy storage power stations. The two projects are equipped with a total of ANPL Qiji 233 100kW/233kW·h energy storage energy storage systems. The project operates using the strategy of "peak shaving and valley filling" and applies the operating model of "charging in the valley, discharging during peak periods, charging twice a day and discharging twice a day".

Among them, the Huzhou CaidiIndustrial 200kW/466kWh energy storage power station project is expected to install a total of 25 ANPL energy storage system, bringing the company more than 5 million yuan in revenue within ten years. The two ANPL Qiji 233 energy storage products that have been installed so far can increase the available power by approximately 270,000 degrees.


In addition, Haining Hexie Technologys 200kWh/466kWh energy storage power station project has installed two ANPL Qiji 233 units, adding approximately 270,000 kWh of available power to the company every year.


The Qiji 233 supplied by ANPL is an "All-in-one" fully liquid-cooling distributed energy storage system. It integrates the battery system, thermal management system, and PCS converter into an integrated design. And through self-developed MBMS (EMS+BMS integration) intelligent system control, it can meet users' peak and valley arbitrage and emergency power needs.

The project adopts the EMC model for cooperative construction. Kale Power is responsible for project investment, construction and operation management. The user only needs to provide the project installation site to obtain energy storage benefits with "0" investment. At the same time, while strictly following the standardized energy storage power station construction process, the Kale team fulfilled its promise of “signing in the same month, investing in the same month” and completed projectconstruction and grid connection within one month.

Through precise demand-side management measures, this project effectively reduces the company's electricity expenses. In addition to creating EMC economic benefits for the company, it simultaneously relieves the company's load pressure during peak hours and further improves the safety, stability and energy utilization efficiency of power consumption in the factory. , and effectively provide the enterprise with more reliable and lower-cost power services.


As a region with profound industrial manufacturing heritage and advanced scientific and technological strength, Zhejiang is steadily moving forward towards the goal of becoming a "new energy capital" by virtue of its increasingly complete new energy industry chain advantages. ANPL will play a key role in this process, continue to help enterprises in Zhejiang Province achieve cost reduction and increase efficiency, and provide full life cycle operation and management service guarantee for enterprise energy management. We look forward to providing an "energy storage sample" with reference value for the smart energy transformation of industrial enterprises in Zhejiang through this cooperation.