ANPL Successfully Passed the Quality Management System Certification!

2023-12-08 15:58
On December 4, ANPL successfully passed the GB/T9001-2016 preliminary quality management system certification, which means that ANPL has reached international safety standards in terms of system design, product production, project execution, delivery acceptance, etc., marking that ANPL has taken an important step towards safety and reliability in the field of energy storage.

ANPL's pursuit of safety, efficiency, and intelligence is deeply rooted in every aspect of product development and production. The certification of GB/T9001-2016 signifies that ANPL has a more complete and compliant safety development process system and is more confident in delivering safe, stable and reliable products to industrial and commercial users in the future.

ANPL's Patent

At the same time, ANPL is also applying for dozens of software copyrights, utility model patents, invention patents, etc. from high-tech enterprises and software enterprises, and is moving forward on the road of independent research and development in a down-to-earth manner.

ANPL's Computer Software Copyright Rregistration Certificate