ANPL Project | Plastic Building Materials Factory 800kW/1864kWh Energy Storage Project was Successfully Connected to The Grid!

2023-11-15 15:02
November 15, the Huazhijie Plastic Building Materials 800kW/1864kWh energy storage power station project in Huzhou, Zhejiang (hereinafter referred to as the “project”) was successfully connected to the grid and put into operation. The project equipment was supplied by ANPL, invested and constructed by Kale Power, and Kale Power will be responsible for its later operations and management.

This project is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang. It uses idle land in the factory area to build an industrial and commercial energy storage power station, equipped with 8 units of ANPL Qiji 233 100kW/233kWh energy storage systems. The project operates using the strategy of "peak shaving and valley filling" and applies the operating model of "charging in valley sections, discharging during peak periods, charging twice a day and discharging twice a day". It can increase the amount of available electricity in peak periods by more than 1.1 million kilowatt hours for enterprises every year, and reduce consumption for enterprises. Reduce energy costs and ensure energy safety and provide reliable support.

The Qiji 233 supplied by ANPLis an "All-in-one" fully liquid-coolingdistributed energy storage system. It integrates the battery system, thermal management system, and PCS converter into an integrated design. And through self-developedMBMS (EMS+BMS integration) intelligent system control, it canmeet users' peak and valley arbitrage and emergency power needs.

The project adopts the EMC model for cooperative construction. Kale Poweris responsible for project investment, construction and operation management. The user only needs to provide the project installation site to obtain energy storage benefits with "0" investment. At the same time, while strictly following the standardized energy storage power station construction process, the Kaleteam fulfilled its promise of “signing in the same month, investing in the same month” and completed the project construction and grid connection in only 28 days.

Through precise demand-side management measures, this project effectively reduces the company's electricity expenses. In addition to creating EMC economic benefits for the company, it simultaneously relieves the company's load pressure during peak hours and further improves the safety, stability and energy utilization efficiency of power consumption in the factory. , and effectively provide the enterprise with more reliable and lower-cost power services.

In addition, during periods when the company's external lines are shut down for inspection, repair, or power outage, the industrial and commercial energy storage system can act as a "diesel generator" to provide emergency backup power services for the company.

Huzhou, located in the common hinterland of the three major cities of Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, is a city with strong economic strength and distinctive industrial characteristics. ANPL's industrial and commercial energy storage products not only inject new impetus into plastic building materials companies, but also help Huzhou accelerate the construction of a new flexible and intelligent power system. In the future, ANPLwill continue to delve into the research and development and production of industrial and commercial energy storage equipment, continuously iterate products and technologies according to customer needs, help industrial and commercial enterprises reduce energy costs, ensure energy safety, and achieve high-quality development.