ANPL has won the "Golden Business Card" Annual Best Practice Case Award from the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Shanghai.

2024-01-19 10:27
The 7th World Zhejiang Business Shanghai Forum

On January 13th, the 7th World Zhejiang Business Shanghai Forum and the Chamber of Commerce's 2023 Annual Meeting, organized by the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, were held at the Shanghai Center. This conference focused on exploring the spirit of Zhejiang merchants in the new era, encouraging businesses in Shanghai and Zhejiang to adhere to their original mission, innovate as a driving force, contribute to high-quality development, and showcase the "Golden Business Card" of Zhejiang merchants.

ANPL Has Been Honored With the "Best Practice Case" Award.

At the third edition of the "Golden Business Card" awards by the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, ANPL, a subsidiary of Kale Group was recognized as the "Best Practice Case." Mr. Lu Xiaobo, Vice Chairman of the 11th Council of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and Chairman of Kale Group attended the award ceremony.

This year, the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Shanghai highlighted the "Annual Best Practice Case" as part of the "Golden Business Card" awards. The selection criteria for this award focused on practical cases in areas such as party-building leadership, cultural cultivation, technological innovation, business management, and social services. This recognition not only acknowledges ANPL's outstanding performance in the field of energy storage but also affirms its continuous innovation and dedicated efforts.

Photos from the Award Ceremony

The Third "Golden Business Card" Best Practice Case Award Medal by the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Shanghai.

Leap in Growth

In 2023, ANPL actively dedicated itself to the field of industrial and commercial energy storage, repeatedly introducing industry-leading technologies. It continuously improved its intelligent production processes, completing the entire process from technology research and development, product implementation, scale production to bulk delivery. This marked a leap in the growth of the company, transitioning from 0 to 100 in its development journey.

Project Implementation

At the end of the year, ANPL's energy storage projects have been fully deployed, covering the predominantly Zhejiang-based Yangtze River Delta region and even extending to areas like the Pearl River Delta. The projects have gained widespread recognition and acclaim in industries such as machinery and electronics, textiles, construction materials, and more.

Seizing the Momentum to Set Sail

The achievements in the "Best Practice Cases" by ANPL not only reflect the outstanding overall strength of the company but also ride on the favorable winds of Zhejiang's leading electricity pricing policies. This signifies a mutually beneficial development between the company and society, embodying the concept of "shared prosperity."

In the future, ANPL will further increase its investment in research and development, continuously optimizing and upgrading its smart energy storage technology to meet the ever-growing market demand. Simultaneously, through the innovative transformation platform established by the chamber of commerce, the company aims to seek broader cooperation with partners, contributing to the creation of a century-old chamber of commerce with international influence. This endeavor aims to drive the transformation and upgrade of the global energy structure.