ANPL Global Energy Storage Dealer Partner Recruitment Announcement

2023-08-18 10:29
The energy storage industry is undergoing the largest technological innovation and investment construction cycle in history. As the electricity price mechanism continues to improve, the energy storage industry is shifting from policy-driven to market-driven.

Compared with residential storage, industrial and commercial energy storage has higher thresholds and higher profits, and is the key to green and low-carbon transformation. ANPL provides cutting-edge technology and high-quality products, and looks forward to working with you to empower a green future.

Recruitment content

1. Recruitment instructions: Recruit distributor partners of energy storage products of ANPL and enjoy operating profits;
2. Distribution product range: "Qiji Series" fully liquid-cooling industrial and commercial energy storage systems;
3. Distribution area description: Global (no restrictions online or offline).

Recruitment targets

1. The company has been established for 3 years or more, has a registered capital of 10 million yuan or more, and is in good financial condition;
2. More than 3 years of domestic distribution or overseas trade experience, a team of more than 10 people, a certain credibility and good customer resources, and strong comprehensive management capabilities;
3. Have experience in the sales, installation, and after-sales service of energy storage cabinets, or experience in overseas distribution and agency of products in the same type of industry, such as photovoltaics, new energy vehicles, power and electrical, building integration, smart home, etc. Those with sales, installation, and after-sales service teams are preferred;
4. Priority will be given to those with experience in energy storage system investment

All enterprises that meet the above qualifications can apply. After being reviewed and qualified by our company, they will be included in the dealer partner resource database of ANPL, sign a dealer cooperation agreement, and issue an authorized dealer license.

How to apply
Dealer partners who are interested in cooperation, please click this link and fill out the dealer cooperation application form to register.

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