ANPL 900kW/2.097MWh Eenergy Storage Project for Huzhou Lingge Wood Was Successfully Connected to The Grid!

2024-01-15 16:32
Nine units of "Qiji 233" were installed at Lingge Wood in Huzhou, Zhejiang, which is another industrial and commercial storage project successfully delivered byANPL. Among the many energy storage customers, why is the wood processing industry particularly favored by ANPL? Let’s find out!

Zhejiang Lingge Wood Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is a large-scale manufacturing group mainly engaged in the production of solid wood flooring. As the national ecological environment-related policies are increasingly improved and the scale of corporate production continues to expand, Lingge Wood Industry, as a well-known brand in the industry, has attracted much attention for its sustainable development. Installing distributed energy storage is one of the best solution to achieve green transformation and optimize electric energy. 

Project information
Client's name
Zhejiang Lingge Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Annual electricity consumption
5.66 million kWh
Transformer capacity
3250 kVA
Whether photovoltaic are installed
Energy storage power station scale
Product type
Arbitrage model
Charging twice a day and discharging twice a day
Peak-valley electricity prices
≥0.9 yuan/kWh
Savings on electricity bills
740,000 yuan
Increased peak power availability
1.2 million kWh/year

The wood processing and manufacturing industry has extremely high requirements for fire safety, and once an accident occurs, the losses will be huge. After a rigorous inspection and visit, the customer finally chose the "Qiji 233" energy storage system developed and produced by ANPL for the following reasons:

1. Extreme safety
"Qiji 233" adopts full liquid cooling thermal management and multiple safety protection measures. The fire-fighting materials are all from industry-leading suppliers, and it has certain industry leadership in terms of safety;

2. Long-term guarantee
As a subsidiary of Kale Group,ANPL is endorsed by a listed company, and its product quality can be guaranteed for a long time, with a professional after-sales team responding at any time;

3. Efficient production and investment
ANPL and Kale Power integrate production and investment, and the signing, investment, construction and delivery are all very fast. This project was successfully delivered in only 19 days, setting a new record in Kale's history.

The "Qiji 233" energy storage system independently developed and produced by ANPL integrates liquid-cooling battery system, liquid-cooling PCS, EMS energy control system, fire protection system, intelligent thermal management liquid-cooling unit, BMS battery management system, high-voltage distribution protection system and related auxiliary safety protection devices.And through EMS coordinated control, load tracking on the user and grid side is realized, and the optimal charging and discharging strategy of the energy storage system is realized.

Huzhou, Zhejiang, is a city with strong economic strength and distinctive industrial characteristics. As a leading local company, Lingge Wood Industry actively responds to the call for green development and continues to promote corporate transformation. ANPL's energy storage project has injected green new impetus into industrial and commercial enterprises such as Lingge Wood Industry, and has also made a positive contribution to Huzhou's acceleration of the construction of a new flexible and intelligent power system.

In the future, ANPL xwill continue to delve into the research and development and production of industrial and commercial energy storage equipment, and work closely with enterprises such as Lingge Wood Industry to jointly promote Huzhou's green development and industrial upgrading.