ANPL 400kW/932kWh Energy Storage Project for Wuxi Zhongda Motors Was Successfully Connected to The Grid!

2023-12-21 16:30
In Wuxi, on the shore of the beautiful Taihu Lake, the national high-tech development zone is developing rapidly, and large-scale manufacturing companies are undergoing green transformation. ANPL'energy storage station was launched in Wuxi Zhongda Motors, making another breakthrough in the territory of new power systems!

Zhongda Motors takes "Drive For Sustainability" as its mission. Since its establishment 25 years ago, Zhongda Motors has continued to develop in the direction of modernization, scale and sustainability, which coincides with the original intention of ANPL to "Power the Green Future". As the scale of production continues to expand, large-area park roofs provide favorable conditions for photovoltaics. However, at noon when the light is the brightest, the load curve often shows low or negative power, which means that a large amount of green electricity is wasted.

Project information
Client's name
Zhongda Motors
Annual electricity consumption
4.85 million kWh
Transformer capacity
Whether photovoltaics are installed
Installed photovoltaic scale 
Energy storage power station scale
Product type
Arbitrage model
Charging twice a day and discharging twice a day
Peak-valley electricity prices
Peak: 1.3831 yuan/kWh
Valley: 0.2805 yuan/kWh
Cooperation model
EMC energy management contract
Available power for the first ten years of installation

Load curve on a day in February

It is estimated that after equipped with four "Qiji 233" energy storage systems, the low load time at noon has been cleverly utilized. ANPL's self-developed EMS collaborates with photovoltaic power generation, factory load, and electricity bill curves to calculate the greenest, most economical, and stable power supply solution, becoming the enterprise's "smart brain for energy storage " to effectively save electricity bills while improving power quality. 

The "Qiji 233" energy storage system independently developed and produced by ANPL integrates liquid-cooling battery system, liquid-cooling PCS, EMS energy control system, fire protection system, intelligent thermal management liquid-cooling unit, BMS battery management system, high-voltage distribution protection system and related auxiliary safety protection devices.And through EMS coordinated control, load tracking on the user and grid side is realized, and the optimal charging and discharging strategy of the energy storage system is realized.

Wuxi, nestled between mountains and lakes, is one of China's fifteen economic center cities and the main birthplace of China's modern national industry and commerce. ANPL's industrial and commercial energy storage products not only inject new impetus into Zhongda Motors, but also help Wuxi accelerate the construction of a new flexible and intelligent power system.

In the future, ANPL will continue to delve into the research and development and production of industrial and commercial energy storage equipment. With its independent research and development technology accumulation, it will help industrial and commercial enterprises reduce energy costs, ensure energy safety, and achieve green transformation. At the same time, ANPL will work with more like-minded partners to promote high quality and sustainable development of the energy storage industry.