HULK 200


Safe and worry free
Easy operation and maintenance
Efficient and flexible
Cost savings
  • With multiple safety designs, patented air-cooling and pack level fire protection and IP leveldesign, IP66 protection level PCS, self-developed BMS and EMS to achieve safety monitoringand early warning design to ensure the safety and controllability of energy storage system.
  • Standardized interface for flexible acces, plug and play modular design, multiple machines in parallel for easy expansion,integrated
    transportation, and simple on-site construction

Product Type
Battery Type
Lithium-Ion Battery (LFP)
Battery Rated Capacity
3.2V / 280Ah
Battery System Configuration
Battery Rated Capacity
Rated Voltage
Voltage Range
627.2V ~ 806.4V
Max Charge/Discharge Capacity
180kWh / DOD90%
Life Cycle 6000 (EOL>80%, 25℃)
Grid Voltage Range AC400V (-15%~+10%)
Grid Frequency Range50Hz / 60Hz (±2.5Hz)
AC Mode3-Phase 3-Wire (3P3W)
Isolation ModeNo Isolation Connected to the Grid
Rated Charge/Discharge Power100kW/AC
Operating ModeOn-Grid

Rated Charging and Discharging Rate 0.5P
System Efficiency≥88%
Wiring Method
Bottom in and Bottom Out
Operating Temperature Range
-20℃ ~ +55℃
Relative Humidity Range
0 ~ 95%RH, No Condensation
Air Cooling
Protection Degrees
≤70dB (1m)
Operating Altitude
2000m (>2000m Derating)
Communication Protocols
1550*1350*2250 (mm) [air-conditioning size1550*1600*2250(mm) ]
Dimension (W*D*H)
ModBusTCP / RS485 / CAN
Operating Altitude
IEC62619 / IEC63056 / IEC61000 / IEC62477 / UN38.3